How it Works

How Cryptocurrency Power Club Program Works

This is a bitcoin earning program that allows anyone the opportunity to to earn bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry. With a dedicated team of leaders, this program will ensure that you make lots of bitcoins over and over again. This is a truly unique opportunity and there is no better time than now to get started!

We Offer You:
The opportunity to multiply your bitcoin. It's easy, it's simple. Just join the program and tell the world about us and earn additional bitcoin easily and constantly.  Direct payments to your crypto wallet account when its time for you to cash out.

How the Program Works:

1. Sign up for your account and donate 0.003BTC. No referral link. Just join at CryptoPowerClub.
You will get your details sent your email after registration. You can get bitcoin at Localbitcoin.

2. Once you have joined, you become a free member. To start earning, you need to upgrade your account. Your free account only lasts 48 hours.

3. Login to your account and login to your member dashboard. Click on Payment Page to upgrade and activate your account. You need to have a crypto wallet account and we recommend Coinpayments or Blockchain. But of course you can use any crypto wallet of your choice.

4. Select the coinpayment processor and the starter level and click to pay.

5. Enter your Crypto Power Club first name, second name and email address. Choose bitcoin and click to checkout. Copy the wallet address on the next page. Thats the wallet address to pay into.

5. Login to your crypto wallet and pay 0.003BTC plus any charges to the wallet address. Once you have paid your 0.003BTC and the payment confirmed, your account will be upgraded immediately..

6. The positions fill as new members sign up. This program goes from left to right and from top to bottom..

7. You will go from level 1 or the starter level until you get to level 4 or Legend level and finally cycle out.

8. At the end of every level, the donation for the next upgrade is removed from your balance and the balance for that level is added to your account balance. You can withdraw your balance at any time.

9. Each upgrade happens automatically until you cashout and you reach a maximum cashout amount of 1.9235BTC. 0.3BTC is retained from your balance to create 100 more accounts for you to help the system grow faster and to help you earn more bitcoin over and over again. 0.22BTC is also retained for administartive purposes and maintenance.

Matrix Plan:

LEVEL 1: Starter

Pay your referer Level, 1 0.003 Btc Get 2 x 0.003 Btc = 0.006 Btc – 0.005 Btc (move to 2) = 0.001 Btc profit.

LEVEL 2: Impact

Pay your upline Level, 2 0.005 Btc Get 4 x 0.005 Btc = 0.02 Btc – 0.0175 Btc (move to 3) = 0.0025 Btc profit.

LEVEL 3: Master

Pay your upline Level 3, 0.0175 Btc Get 8 x 0.0175 Btc = 0.14 Btc – 0.12 Btc (move to 4) = 0.02 Btc profit.

LEVEL 4: Legend

Pay your upline Level 4, 0.12 Btc Get 16 x 0.12 Btc = 1.92 Btc - 0.052Btc

Profit = 1.4BTC... You get 1.4BTC and system retains 0.52BTC for maintenance and for 100 free accounts for you..

Final payout will now be 1.4235BTC (0.001 + 0.0025 + 0.2 + 1.4 = 1.4235 BTC)

Once you earn 1.4 Bitcoin you will then get another 100 positions with no additional funds out of pocket as well so this will just grow bigger and bigger and more and more here will earn 1.4 Bitcoin over and over again.

CryptoPowerClub - Earn Bitcoin Over and Over Again

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