Cryptocurrency Power Club is a one of a kind bitcoin investment program that can give you a 1.4BTC from an investment of just 0.003 BTC in no time.. The program uses a 2 X 4 matrix system where you donate 0.003BTC and then you get donations of 0.003 BTC from 2 other downlines.

You continue to get climb the matrix as more and more members join until you reach level 4 and you then cycle out to get a maximum amount of over 1.4BTC..

The steps are.

- You sign up for an account at .. . Then upgrade your membership with a token of 0.003BTC.. You can open as many accounts as you want.

- You then promote the program to get more members in and 2 people donate 0.003BTC to your account. Its important you help spread the word to get more and more people to join the program. The more people we have, the better your chances of cycling out fast.

- You move to level 2 and then level 3 and finally level 4.. After that final level, you cycle out and you can cash out your 1.4TC. You are then rewarded with another 100 accounts in the system. This creates more and more opportunities to get 1.4BTC in another hundred places..

Compensation Plan:

LEVEL 1: Starter Level

Pay your referer Level 1, 0.003 Btc Get 2 x 0.003 Btc = 0.006 Btc – 0.005 Btc (move to 2) = 0.001 Btc profit.

LEVEL 2: Impact

Pay your upline Level 2, 0.005 Btc Get 4 x 0.005 Btc = 0.02 Btc – 0.0175 Btc (move to 3) = 0.0025 Btc profit.

LEVEL 3: Master

Pay your upline Level 3, 0.0175 Btc Get 8 x 0.0175 Btc = 0.14 Btc – 0.12 Btc (move to 4) = 0.02 Btc profit.

LEVEL 4: Legend

Pay your upline Level 4, 0.12 Btc Get 16 x 0.12 Btc = 1.92 Btc - 0.052Btc

Profit = 1.4BTC... You get 1.4BTC and system retains 0.52BTC for maintenance and for 100 free accounts for you..

Final payout will now be 1.4235BTC (0.001 + 0.0025 + 0.2 + 1.4 = 1.4235 BTC)

0.3 BTC is used to open 100 accounts for you to help keep the system growing and 0.2 BTC is used for administrative cost and promotions.

Yes the program is available worldwide.

The program is being managed by trusted admins who have their reputation on the line so you don’t have anything to worry about.

The system is a top to bottom, left to right matrix plan which means its on a first come first served arrangement.. You don’t need a referral link cause we will all be promoting the same link and together help the system grow.. All you need to do is share the website link and you are done.

It is a decentralized digital cash system created by Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created through the use of encryption software. Units of cryptocurrency are then created, typically when a transaction occurs.

The units are carefully formed and preserved through algorithmic encryption, then linked together in vast chains of data, where the currency can be tracked and exchanged.

Currently you can see the value of 1 bitcoin at https://www.bitcoin.com/.. To get the value of 0.003 BTC, multiply the value of 1 BTC by 0.003.. That will give you the cost of 0.003BTC in $$.

However, Note that there are charges by the crypto wallet sites and you know that by trying to send bitcoin from your wallet. Enter 0.003BTC in the transfer space and you will see the charges at the bottom.

When you donate your 0.003BTC, the online wallets charge you some percentage. You can’t easily do this on your own, and thankfully, many wallets can do this for you. For example, the Blockchain Wallet uses dynamic fees that calculate the required fee for you so that your transaction will confirm as reliably and quickly as possible. When sending your 0.003BTC, you will see the charges below the page before you send..

There are many online wallets you can use. There is coinpayments.net, blockchain.info and a host of others..

Just sign up on the sites. Go to www.coinpayments.net. Its free to open an account. Load it up with bitcoin and store it for when you need it. You can also use other crypto wallets like blockchain.

Watch this video on how to create a blockchain account.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS3...

Its easy to create bitcoin addresses in any of the online wallets. You can create as many bitcoin addresses as you wish and attach one to each of your accounts if you intend to create many accounts on Crytocurrency Power Club..

You can follow this video to learn how to create bitcoin wallet address in coinpayments.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6u...

On blockchain, you can create bitcoin addresses same way.. Check this video to learn more.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N7...

You can get bitcoin from bitcoin vendors and on some sites like paxful, coinbase and localbitcoin.. A good site i do recommend is https://localbitcoins.com/. They have the lowest charges and they support almost all the cryptocurrencies.

Yes you can open as many accounts as you want. You have to use different usernames and different emails for each account. For example, you can label your accounts username, username1, username2, username3 etc.

As for the emails, there is a trick you can use. So if your email is "paulgeorge@gmail.com", then you should open a 2nd account with "p.aulgeorge@gmail.com", a 3rd with "pa.ulgeorge@gmail.com", a 4th with "pau.lgeorge@gmail.com", a 5th with "paul.george@gmail.com" etc Just keep changing the position of the dot in the name before the @ symbol..

Gmail will see these emails as different emails because it ignores any point before the @ symbol. This way you only use one email address for multiple accounts.

Now you can now open multiple Crypto Power Club accounts and get all your notifications and alerts in one place.

Yes, blockchain, coinpayments and other online wallets allow you create multiple wallet addresses. Just create as many wallet addresses as you wish and use different wallet addresses for different accounts.

You can use the same First name and second name for all your accounts. However, you need different usernames and emails. Follow the guideline in (11). above..

This is a 2 X 4 matrix plan which means we only have 4 levels to cash out. This width and depth are very narrow so we don’t need that many people for members to start cashing out like most systems. When we all promote the program, it allows many more members to join thereby increasing the rate at which members cash out.

After creating your account, login and go to the "payment page".. Select "Coinpayment" as payment method and choose "Starter level" from the drop downs for level.. Click "Pay" and this should take you to the Coinpayment Payment page (You dont need an account there. They are just our payment processor)..

 On the left hand side, enter your Crypto Power Club details you registered with like first name, second name and email.. Select "bitcoin" on the right. If you have other coins, select it in the lists and coinpayments will convert that to its bitcoin equivalent.. Now click on "Checkout"..

 Copy the wallet address generated and go into your preferred wallet to pay. Send exactly 0.003BTC plus any other charges to that wallet address. It will take a while for the system to confirm your payment..

 You will receive a confirmation from Crypto Power Club immediately your payment is confirmed.

 Sometimes because of transaction delays, activation might be slow.. To speed up activation, you can copy the transaction ID from the email and send it to support at http://cryptopowerclub.com/ticket.php or use the support button in your member's area..

Once your account is activated, you are in for a wonderful ride with Crypto Power Club.

No you dont need to put in anything apart from the one time 0.003BTC. After you cash out, some part of your bitcoin is retained to create 100 accounts for you. All you have to do is create all 100 accounts and get in touch with support to activate all your accounts. Use the methods describe in (11) above to create all your account.

So you are not donating any more bitcoin because the system will pay for you at this point. This is to let the system keep adding accounts after some members have cycled out and keep everyone in the system for further growth of the program.


There is no guarantee, it depends on how many people sign into the program thus pushing you to cycle out.  Once you cycle out, there is a 100% guarantee that you will get paid. You get your full 1.4BTC which you can withdraw at any time plus another 100 accounts. That's 100 more accounts to make some extra 1.4BTC per account.

Once you have got bitcoin donation from other members and you move to the next level, you can withdraw your earnings at any time.. Click on "payment settings" in your account and add your wallet ID or bitcoin address.. Any time yyou want to withdraw. click on "withdraw request" to withdraw your earnings..